Butler Home Construction Co., Inc.

"We Build Dreams"

Mission Statement

HONESTY is foremost at Butler Home Construction. Building a custom home for your family is paramount to making dreams come true. The basis of any successful relationship is truth. Here at Butler Home Construction your project begins a new relationship between our company and you family.

at Butler Home Construction is uncompromisable as we look out for your family’s best interest. Whether it is preparing a vacant site for construction, inspecting completed work for quality workmanship or researching current costs of materials to lower your overall costs, the people at Butler Home Construction are working for you.

is a state of mind with an attitude of thoughtfulness. With proper forethought in design and construction, we at Butler Home Construction bring beautiful designs and high levels of craftsmanship without unnecessary costs.

is guaranteed here at Butler Home Construction.  Our team has been working together for over a decade to ensure excellence in craftsmanship and teamwork.

your home with our in-house designer. At Butler Home Construction we can bring your ideas to conception with beautifully rendered drawings before prints are drawn up. This allows you to see your ideas in 2D without the added cost of a licensed architect. Once designs have been approved a licensed architect will draw up the plans for permits and construction.